Save While You Save Program


A percentage of OUR company’s gross profits from the business audit will go directly to our charity.





The Program’s Story
The Save While You Save (SWYS) Program was created by Limitless Technology ~ CRS in 2012 after a charity event we hosted. The charity event motivated staff, improved our business, and impacted the cancer research community in a large way. LT~CRS believes in supporting the communities in which our businesses thrive while also benefiting the company itself.



Save on Telecom

How the Program Works
The program was designed to allow companies to save money, while also helping save lives.
The first step is to allow us to introduce you to LT~CRS and let us present on our telecom audit process as well as the SWYS Program. After the demonstration and all your questions are answered, a company agrees to engage with our services.
The second step is to engage in our telecom audit, which on average saves company’s 17-36% on their annual telecom expenses.

After your savings are implemented, LT~CRS guarantees that 3% of our company’s gross profits from the audit will go directly to our charity, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, or a charity of your choosing. The company may also choose to donate some of their own savings as a part of the program.
The process is that easy! Your company improves your bottom line and also making a tremendous difference in the lives of others!
Contact us today at 866-504-4050 or LT~CRS info.