Thank you for contacting LT~CRS – BDA Program

Thank you for submitting your interest in the BDA Program. We will be contacting you shortly to verify your information and send you a link via email to our enrollment form.

LT-CRS-green-squareNext steps:

  • Phone Call. We will be contacting you to verify information.
  • Online Enrollment. We will email you the online enrollment.
  • Welcome Letter: You will receive your welcome email from LT~CRS.
  • Login and Password to Agent Portal: LT~CRS will send you an email with access to your agent portal you will have the resources to present cost reduction services to your contacts. Resources include videos, brochures, flyers, sample letters and other marketing materials that can be printed or send via email.
  • Agent Ongoing Support: You will receive tips and newsletters as well as dates for Webinars that will also assist you and provide the opportunity to ask questions and get support from out team as well as other agents.

If you need immediate assistance contact us at: 1-866-929-8860 ext. 105.