Agent Programs – FAQ’s


Frequently Asked Questions regarding LIMITLESS Agent Programs.

In order to provide the most information regarding our agent programs we have comprised a list of our most frequently asked questions. If we did not answer your question here please let us know. You can email us at or call 866-929-8860 ext. 105 or use our online form.

(1) How many Agent programs do you offer?

We offer 2 programs (1) Lead Agent Referral (LAR) and (2) Business Direct Agent (BDA).

(2) What is the difference between the LIMITLESS LAR PROGRAM and the LIMITLESS BDA PROGRAM?

Our LAR (Lead Agent Referral) Program is designed for Agents who have relationships with qualified businesses who they feel could use our cost reduction services. These Agents simply INTRODUCE those individuals to us and WE DO ALL THE SELLING.

The Agent simply makes a warm introduction via a phone call or webinar, and even in some cases an email may qualify. We explain our services to these introduced potential Clients and if they are interested, we move forward with an agreement and engagement to uncover savings.

Our BDA (Business Direct Agent) Program is designed for Agents who prefer to work with qualified businesses who they feel could use our services. these Agents prefer to promote, market and explain our services to their Clients to the point of contract fulfillment. To put it bluntly they do the selling and come to LIMITLESS with a signed contract. This program pays a higher commission and is preferred by Agents who feel comfortable with the sales process and want a higher profit opportunity.

LIMITLESS offers both options for Agents to choose from …and some of our Agents have chosen to start as a LAR and move forward to our BDA program in the future. We encourage this option.

(3) Are there any upfront fees to become an Agent with LIMITLESS?

No. LIMITLESS does not charge any upfront fees to be an Agent.

(4) What is required to become an Agent?

The requirements to become an agent are:

1. A completed and signed LEAD AGENT REFERRAL AGREEMENT and a

2. A completed and signed W-9 (for commission payment).

3. Provide a great lead or close the sale~!

(5) What resources do I have to use to introduce services offered?

We have brochures, PDF’s, videos, documents, web links and more in an Agent Portal for you to use how you would like. We provide scripts so use in phone calls and email templates to use in introductions so the work is done for you.

(6) How much compensation do I receive as an Agent.

LAR agents receive a 15% compensation while our BDA agents receive 25%.

(7) When do I receive payment/commission?

Payment/commissions will be made 30 days from monies received from Companies client in the form of a check to Agent.