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Overspending on Telecom & Utility Services?

With 80% (or $38 Billion) of Business Telecom Invoices having billing errors (Gartner Group) it is without question why organizations seek to have their telecom and utility bills audited. Why do these errors exist? The number one reason most often times is the right expertise does not exist in the business. Along with limited resources and time. 85% of mid-market company bills are paid in full and are not audited. The experts at LT~CRS identify spending efficiencies and potential improvements. Cost Reduction is achieved with credits and refunds and on-going contract optimization is performed for future savings. LT~CRS is passionate about cost reduction, contract improvement, and increasing our clients profitability. We build long-term relationships, resulting in a highly satisfied and “referenceable” client base. We listen to the customer and consistently exceed their expectations and provide quality and integrity in everything we do.