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OfficeSuite Solution

Why OfficeSuite?
OfficeSuite provides you with everything your organization needs to communicate over the phone and online, with no capital investment, and no increase in your IT staffing. Our award…
[show_hide title=”Learn more!”] …winning hosted IP phone system is full featured, enterprise grade and can be delivered with guaranteed voice quality backed by Service Level Agreements*.
OfficeSuite includes:


  • An easy to use online portal that gives end users and system administrators direct control over the system and preference eliminating the need for expensive maintenance contracts.
  • Productivity enhancing IP Phones
  • A robust calling plan for local, regional and long distance calls
  • High speed Internet access
  • Over 40 features that allow you to customize the system to meet your specific needs
  • Automatic system upgrades
  • Initial system training
  • Secure multi site data networking if desired or you can bring your own Broadband (internet) service (note: this would remove the SLA’s and QoS)
[/checklist] [/show_hide] Nationwide Coverage
OfficeSuite is available nationwide so you can use it to connect satellite and regional offices across the country with your main office on the same system and network. OfficeSuite is also…
[show_hide title=”Learn more!”] … scalable making it easy to add stations, sites and users as you need them without having to add cards, expensive shelves or upgrade the system.

OfficeSuite offers various options for Internet access, and if your business has multiple locations OfficeSuite can be delivered via Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) networking to quickly route traffic among locations, ensuring security and business continuity. If your business needs do not require MPLS OfficeSuite can also be delivered via two additional options Dedicated Internet Access or Bring Your Own Broadband (BYOB).

OfficeSuite extends seamless communications over the Internet to support remote offices, home based workers, such as telecommuters and mobile professionals, and allow them to all have access to same features and functionalities that are available on their office phones.

Featured Sets:
Executive LCD Station - Limitless TechnologyExecutive LCD Station. The Executive LCD Station delivers intuitive, one-touch access to many phone features and applications in an exciting next generation desktop device. The large, backlit LCD screen gives users a Caller ID display on each active line and is powered by an energy-saving system. Users can program up to 48 one-touch buttons for quick access to the numbers dialed most or programmed features.



Standard 24-Key Station - Limitless TechnologyStandard 24-Key Station. The Standard 24-key Station is a feature-rich, multi-line IP speakerphone with full duplex hands-free operation. The Standard 24-key Station supports a full lineup of IP peripherals such as Programmable Key Modules (PKMs), Conference Units and Line Interface Modules.



Slim Station - Limitless TechnologySlim Station. The Slim Station is a low-profile, small footprint IP phone sized for small spaces like break rooms, a reception room table, guest rooms in hotels or nursing homes, in classrooms or even beside a cash register. The Slim Station is a two-line phone with nine user-programmable buttons and a one-line LCD display.



Conferencing Unit - Limitless TechnologyConferencing Unit. This is an advanced IP conferencing phone with a full-duplex, acoustic beam forming technology which focuses the mic on the party speaking, virtually eliminating all ambient room noise and sidebar conversations. This unit connects to the OfficeSuite Executive LCD Station or a Standard 24-Key Station, enabling users to manage the conference
[/show_hide] Easy To Use
OfficeSuite leverages industry leading cloud based technology and Communications as a Service (CaaS) to give you full flexibility and control of your telecommunications system. We surveyed of administrators representing almost 10,000 end users, 4 of the most commonly used features: Voicemail, Broadcast Groups, Auto Attendant, Call Coverage all which can be created and administered with 3 mouse clicks or under and in less than 10 seconds.

Disaster Recovery
We know your ability to deal with disasters is critical to your businesses success which is why our OfficeSuite system has numerous disaster avoidance and recovery options available. With OfficeSuite…
[show_hide title=”Learn more!”] … your customers will never reach a busy signal even if there is a problem at your main office location. Our Enhanced Redirect feature allows your designated OfficeSuite admin to push a button that automatically redirects all calls to predefined coverage, which could be another office, cell phones or home phones. In addition to our Enhanced Redirect feature, USB Phone, LIM Phone Analog failover and WAN failover are also disaster avoidance and recovery options that can be used to challenging times.

Full End to End Product Management and Support
From the first day you sign your agreement all the way through to the day you renew your contract with us we will be there every step of the way…
[show_hide title=”Learn more!”] …providing voidance and recovery options that can be used to challenging times.

  • Each location gets a Site Survey prior to install
  • On Site installation services at each location
  • Full admin and user training included for 60 days
  • Plug and Play capability
[/checklist] OfficeSuite includes more than 40 phone, service and web portal features that let you customize the system to meet your specific needs. If you’re looking to enhance your system, you can add even more options.

Feature Highlights
Hot Desking. Enables employees to move around the office and between locations. Users simply log in to any phone and begin making and receiving calls or use any of the other features of OfficeSuite as if they were at their own desks.

Click to Dial. A Microsoft Outlook plug-in that enables users to interface directly with their OfficeSuite phone from Outlook’s contact manager.
[show_hide title=”Learn more!”] Simply click to dial phone numbers directly from the contacts list and the system immediately opens a line and activates the speakerphone on your OfficeSuite desk phone and calls the contact selected.
Voicemail. Get voicemail notifications and messages from any phone, via the online portal and receive messages through e-mail, even on your smartphone.

Call Coverage. Let users determine how calls are handled and where calls go if left unanswered. Send calls to voicemail, to a co-worker, to an auto-attendant or to another phone altogether.

Auto Attendant. Ensures effective call handling by allowing inbound callers to select options from a menu of prompts that can route calls to user extensions and company directories.

Integrated Messaging with OfficeSuite your voicemail can be accessed from a phone, via a web portal or through e mail.

Outlook Integration Click to call from within Microsoft® Outlook.

Call Groups Send calls to specific groups based on skill set and job function.

Phone to Phone Paging Allows employees to page other employees through their phones.

In the world of hosted phone systems OfficeSuite offers your business a cost effective feature rich solution with the backing of a company that is 100% focused on exceeding your expectations.

Phone Features

  • Call display
  • Call hold
  • Call park/retrieve
  • Caller ID with name
  • Caller’s list
  • Intercom
  • Muting
  • Message waiting indicator
  • Multiple calling line ID’s
  • Multiple line appearances
  • Mute
  • Power over Ethernet phones
  • Redial
  • Site page
  • Speaker phone
  • Speed dial
  • Station busy indicator
  • Three-way calling
  • Transfer to voicemail

Service Features

  • Account codes
  • Auto-attendant
  • Auto-attendant – nested
  • Broadcast groups
  • Business quality voice
  • Call coverage
  • Call detail records
  • Call forward
  • Call hunting – circular
  • Call hunting – linear
  • Call permissions profiles
  • Call transfer
  • E911 compliant
  • Extension dialing
  • Hot desking
  • Join/Leave call groups
  • Join/Merge calls
  • Music on hold
  • Phone key profiles by type
  • Private CLID’s
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail: fwd to e-mail
  • Voicemail: return call
  • Voicemail: fwd to Co-worker
  • Voicemail: dial-out
  • Voicemail notification: e-mail
  • Voicemail notification: SMS/text
  • Zero Out: personal

Web Portal

  • Auto-generated key labels
  • Click-to-call directories
  • My phone page
  • Online management
  • Online self-help documentation
  • Phone directory – employee
  • Phone directory – external
  • Visual voicemail
  • Web portal