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LIMITLESS uses its expert knowledge and resources to analyze your existing accounts to ensure they are billing correctly, discover and correct unnecessary and/or misappropriated charges, match billing rates to contract rates and terms, benchmark competition, renegotiate current rates and terms, implement approved savings opportunities and so much more! This process enables you to enjoy maximum SAVINGS for years to come. Providing nationwide cost reduction and vendor management solutions to medium, large and enterprise businesses exceeding “$300,000 in annual spend” across the USA.

Maximize Business Profits and Minimize Expenses

Companies are using tactical cost reduction strategies, such as streamlining business processes and reducing external spend. Have you explored all cost cutting strategies? With 80% (or $38 Billion) of Business Invoices having billing errors it is without question why organizations seek to have their bills reviewed and optimized for maximum savings.

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Billing Optimization.

With 80% (or $38 Billion) of Business Telecom Invoices having billing errors (Gartner Group) it is without question why organizations seek to have their telecom and utility bills audited. Why do these errors exist? The number one reason most often is the right expertise does not exist in-house to find the billing errors. There is also limited resources and time. 85% of mid-market company bills are paid in full and are not audited. The experts at LIMITLESS identify spending efficiencies and potential improvements. Cost Reduction is achieved with credits and refunds and on-going contract optimization is performed for future savings. LIMITLESS is passionate about cost reduction, contract improvement, and increasing our clients profitability. We build long-term relationships, resulting in a highly satisfied and “referenceable” client base. We listen to the customer and consistently exceed their expectations and provide quality and integrity in everything we do. We provide nationwide telecom & utility cost reduction and vendor management solutions to medium, large and enterprise businesses exceeding “6 figures in annual spend” across the USA.


At LIMITLESS we have a proven process that reduces telecom and utility costs, improving overall bottom line. We have a customizable process fitting businesses’ individual needs. From auditing billing, to billing optimization and contract management our services, experience and knowledge save you the most on every invoice – on every contract.


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Cost Reduction Specialists

U.S. businesses waste over 38 billion dollars a year in lost expenses due to errors in billing. A professional Telecom, Utility and Vendor Expense Audit by a specialist will most likely significantly reduce your business expenses.


Billing Optimization

Every company wants to cut costs & gain an edge on competition. Make sure that you are PAYING for telecom services you are USING, & the services you are USING, are what you actually NEED!


Telecom Expense Management

Never lose sight of what you are spending on your vendor services. Use our web-based software to maintain accurate control over all your expenses. We will even do it for you, if you prefer!


Consulting Services

When you need to improve your business infrastructure, or implement new business processes, having an outside point of view can be critical. Our expert resources will keep you on the leading edge of technology!


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LT~CRS makes the process very simple.

How is this done? With years of telecom auditing and hundreds of satisfied clients LT~CRS builds relationships …. LT~CRS has differentiated itself by creating a strong team of expert telecom and utility auditors and cost reduction services which benefit the customer most by eliminating unnecessary spend and improving bottom line performance.